Kemi Micho

Kemi is a registered nurse, received her Nursing Training at the University College Hospital Ibadan Nigeria and at University of Ottawa Ontario. Has been in the Nursing practice for about 28 years. Worked both in Nigeria and in the three provinces in Canada (Quebec, Ontario and Alberta) She has worked both in clinical areas and in the management position. Kemi’s passion is focused on Family health care with specialization in Women and Children. Spend many years working in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department and pediatrics departments. She is wearing many hats as she love to care and to share her skills and talents with people and her community. Presently she is the Director of the Trinity Mercy Health International based in Calgary. Alberta. And the CEO of Essence Home and Healthcare Services.

Her passion and vision mostly focused on women physical and spiritual Care. Kemi is a conference speaker and facilitator. Her teaching focuses mostly on women health and spiritual development. She love to teach and empower people to utilize their God’s given potentials to fulfill their life purposes. Beside her passion in health care, Kemi is a respected woman minister and an ordained minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  She obtained her Ministerial Education in Nigeria at International Bible College of Ministries under the leadership of Reverend Wale Oke and was ordained to ministry by Bishop Wale Oke. Served in several churches and other fellowship in Nigeria before migrated to Canada.

She and her husband started the fellowship that later became the redemption Bible Church in Montreal. Canada. She co-founded Faith victory Church international with their headquarters in Montreal. She’s also the founder of the Victorious Women Ministry.

She love to pray, to teach and always sharing the word of encouragement to anyone that crosses her path. She is always seen around the youth and the women. Enjoy traveling, reading, teaching and sharing the word of God.  She is a wife and a mother.

Contact Kemi at:

Tel: 587-889-6384.