I am a Registered Nurse (RN) with at least 15 years experience in nursing. My career entails: Geriatric Nursing at Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, New Brunswick; Nursing Practice Instructor and Research Assistant for pica, University of Calgary; and Operating Room (primarily General Surgery and Gynecology), Head Nurse (acute care and maternity), Clinical Nurse Specialist (Dementia care) at Alberta Health Services, and as a Director of Care at AgeCare.

I acquired my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of New Brunswick and a Master’s of Science in Nursing Degree with a specialty in Leadership and Management from Walden University. I am currently pursuing my doctoral studies in Health Care Administration at A.T. Still University as I am passionate about influencing positive health care changes in my community and at a provincial/national/global level. My special interests are currently population health (e.g. primary care/continuing care and Women’s health) and preventing workplace violence.

I established a women’s health business on fibroid care due to my desire and vision to educate women to detect and manage their symptomatic fibroids in a holistic manner. In this regard, I chose the business name: “Shalom: Eagle’s Wings” because I aspire to empower women to live peacefully with the informed decision they have made as a result of the education acquired concerning fibroid management; transcend above that which they cannot control like an eagle; and to have a safe environment to share their story and receive guidance in a nurturing environment.

I have presented at a professional workshop (SCORNA) and at Women on Journey on the conventional and non-conventional interventions for fibroid care. I have drafted a research proposal to help prevent/alleviate fibroids in high risk women. Conflict resolution is a beneficial skill to assist in decreasing stress in daily living and especially in the acquisition of health care when health challenges exist. Living with symptomatic fibroids can evoke various levels of physical/psychological suffering and effective/timely conflict alleviation/resolution is paramount in advocating for an appropriate health service(s). My desire to foster healthy work environments and relationships led to my final Master’s degree capstone project on conflict resolution. I am also a published author in the Canadian Operating Room Journal on an article on conflict resolution and the recipient of the 2011 ORNAC / Johnson & Johnson Drake Thompson Writing Award for the same. I also had the privilege of publishing a book on conflict resolution with VDM publishers as well.

It has been said that “all work and no play makes Jack a every dull boy.” I consider myself to be very blessed to live a very full life. I love to go to church. I enjoy dancing, harmonizing, traveling, reading, and spending quality time with my family and friends in my spare time. I also like to volunteer. I had the privilege and honour to have created the program “Chapel Dance” (also known as WHASSUP) during the time I volunteered at the Calgary Young Offenders’ Centre for 10 years. I also volunteered as a worship dancer, over the years, at Centre Street Church in Calgary and as a Bible teacher and leader with the Women on Journey through Centre Street Church as well.